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Belgian Brass were formerly the Belgian Brass Soloists quintet until artistic director Manu Mellaerts launched the idea of bringing together a larger, more all-round group of musicians with a view to enhancing this ensemble’s artistic scope.  Thanks to this ‘new concept’, it was possible to create a more dynamic reach and a larger artistic colour pallet.
Belgian Brass wants to bring music of all times and genres for the widest possible audience.  Always in an artistically justified manner and with top quality in mind.  To guarantee this, the band is made up of eminent musicians who have all gained a soloist place in various symphonic orchestras. This is why Belgian Brass can go to the extreme, both in the choice of repertoire, and in pushing the boundaries of virtuosity and musicality.
By adding the rhythm section and by opting to work in different arrangements, this makes for a modern, flexible, yet recognisable ensemble.  It is no coincidence, therefore, that the ensemble’s debut CD was given the apt name ‘Pushing the Limits’.
In order to reach the most diverse ‘listening audience’, it is of the utmost importance to put together a ‘balanced’ concert programme.  By combining talent, experience and, not least, their artistic drive, the 12 musicians of Belgian Brass can tackle a nigh unlimited range of musical genres, ranging from renaissance to contemporary, from symphonic to pop, from serious to frivolous …
Thanks to this very wide repertoire on offer and the more than ‘special’ concept, there is no doubt that attending a Belgian Brass concert will be a unique and unforgettable experience for you!


La Mourisque en Rondo
Tielmann Susato, arr. Manu Mellaerts

Roumanian Folk dances
Bela Bartok

La Delaïsado from Chants d’Auvergne
Joseph Canteloube/StevenVerhaert

The Blades of Toledo
Trevor Sharp, arr. Geert de Vos

The Sound of Miller
arr. Dominique Vanhaegenberg

Piazzo Latina
arr. Dominique Vanhaegenberg

Tribute to Leroy Anderson
arr. Dominique Vanhaegenberg

Augustin Lara, arr. Kazuhiro Morita, Manu Mellaerts

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